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Encanto do Brasil



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A product that changes everything.

Designed by professionals this product is perfect for managing frizz, improving hair structure and providing necessary nutrients to enjoy healthy and strong hair.
Provides Amazing Benefits to the Hair: It nourishes, smooths and helps control the volume of the hair. Also gives deep hydration and softness, with 0% of Formaldehyde
Effects last on hair for 3 months.

Formula Benefits

Hydrates the hair: the humectant-binding properties of lactic acid + HA perform similarly on hair fibers as it does on the skin, allowing the hair fibers to retain and seal moisture from products.
Reduces frizz: Hyaluronic acid also helps to seal the cuticle, which prevents unwanted moisture that causes frizzy hair and curl shrinkage from entering it.

How to use

Clarifying Shampoo
Apply generously  amount throughout soaking wet hair and scalp and massage vigorously until a foam begins  to form. Thoroughly rinse. For extremely thick, curly more resistant hair or, for heavy buildup, repeat. 2 towel dry hair to remove excess moisture is needed to help spread solution without over saturating. Hair should be damp, not dripping wet.

Straightening Treatment
Wear gloves and start applying the treatment product from the bottom of the Back section, about 1 (one) centimeter from the root spreading the product evenly to the tips of the hair. Make sure entire hair is completely covered with the product. Wait for 30 minutes. Blow-dry the hair 100% with medium temperature. Using a Flatiron at 420-450°F/210-232°C-starting at the nape, move the iron slowly from the scalp to hairs' ends. Assuring the ends are smooth and straight. Go over the same section several times until there are almost no fumes (it may take 7-12 times depending on the hair type, condition and part of head it is). Do not overdo since you can burn the hair. Wait 15 minutes before wash your hair.

Leave In
Apply a small amount amount to damp hair, massage and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly the product for 15 seconds in case of short hair and 30 seconds in the case of long hair, Blow dry with hands until 80% dry, then complete with brush and dryer.

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