Encanto Brazilian Keratin Treatment Original Fórmula


1 What hair types can your straightening treatment be used on?

The best thing about any Encanto Treatments is that it can be used on virtually any hair type: dyed, ethnic, fine, virgin, or curly to name a few.

2 How hot does my flat iron need to go to perform this treatment?

It is recommended that you use a flat iron with the minimum capacity of 400° fahrenheit or 205° celsius. Depending on hair type, you can go up to 450° fahrenheit.

3 I want to also color my hair. When should I do this?

We recommend coloring the hair before applying the treatment. If not possible, wait at least 2 weeks after coloring before applying the treatment. Remember, nevercolor the hair during the same time of treatment.

4 I would like to cut my hair as well. When should I do this?

We recommend trimming or cutting the hair after you perform the treatment. Your split ends can sometimes be more evident post Encanto Treatment.

5 I have previously straightened my hair without another brand of treatment. Is it ok to switch brands?

Yes of course, It is like switching brands of toothpaste...it is completely a personal preference!

6 Can this be used on children?

Yes, however we recommend a child that can handle sitting for a longer period of time.

7 Can this be used on pregnant women?

It is not recommended.

8 How long will one treatment last?

This is a semi-permanent treatment. Results will last up to 4 months.

9 How soon can I redo the treatment?

Some women do not find the need to do another treatment until a good four months. However, some women do it as soon as four weeks. It depends on your preference and individual hair type. 

10 Can I touch up my hair with the treatment?

 We do not recommend doing touch-ups. BKT works best when applied to the whole head.

11 What shampoo should I use to maintain my beautiful hair?

Please take a look at our line of shampoos and conditioners. All are without sulfates and are organic- ideal for maintaining those perfect locks. Sodium-free shampoo has been proven to extend the results of your treatment. Additionally, sodium-free shampoo is ideal with or without the treatment.

12 The Instructions for the treatment seem time-consuming. Can I skip any steps?

No. No. No. Due to our unique same-day formula, it is imperative that you follow all steps exactly for described results.

13 The last brand I used made me wait 4 days before washing my hair. Can I do the same with your treatment?

That is not necessary at all. The best thing about our treatment is that you don't have to do that.

14 Can I perform this treatment on myself?

We do not recommend this. Not only are our products for professional use and should be used with the assistance of a licensed professional, but without the help of someone, it is hard to monitor the coverage of the treatment. 

15 What can I do to alleviate any sensitivity to the product?

Ventilation is key. Avoid small areas. Windows and fans are ideal. Always use gloves and a mask. If eyes are particularly sensitive, a warm wet cloth over the face will help defer fumes.